At-Home Mobile Wound Care Experts in Greater Philadelphia Area

Recognizing the challenges and time constraints involved in wound management, we bring the expertise of professional wound care services directly to the patient’s bedside.

Where Can You Access Our Mobile Wound Care Services?

Our mission is to provide convenient, high-quality wound care that seamlessly integrates into the patient’s life. Whether recovering from surgery, managing chronic wounds, or requiring comprehensive wound care support for your facility, our team of adept healthcare professionals guarantees personalized attention and advanced treatments for every patient.

Reduce costs with our experts providing quality mobile wound care

AFRA@Home Wound Care Mobile Services

At AFRA@Home Wound Care, we specialize in treating a variety of wounds, including:
Pressure Ulcer
Diabetic Foot
Advanced Wound Care
Wound Debridement
Venous Ulcer

Traumatic Injuries

Advantages of Opting for Mobile Wound Care:

AFRA@Home Wound Care blends state-of-the-art wound care technology with traditional bedside care to achieve exceptional patient outcomes. Explore the expertise and convenience of AFRA@Home Wound Care – your partner in mobile wound care in Folsom, PA, and the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Consistent, Quality Care
Minimize missed wound care appointments, promoting healing and preventing reinfection.
Reduced Hospitalizations
Delivering reliable, expert wound care at home leads to a decrease in wound-related hospitalizations.
Ease and Convenience
Providing compassionate wound care at the patient’s residence alleviates the stress of coordinating transportation, enhancing overall comfort.
Care Coordination
Collaborating with Primary Care Physicians, Home Health Care Agencies, and Specialty Providers.
Tissue Analytics
Utilizing Tissue Analytics technology for detailed wound progression data.
UltraMIST System
Employing low-frequency ultrasound for wound healing through cleansing and maintenance debridement.

Comprehensive Mobile Advanced Wound Care Treatment