At-Home Mobile Wound Care Partners

AFRA@Home Wound Care is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to deliver advanced wound care directly to patients’ residences or bedside. This convenient approach offers numerous benefits:

Eliminates transportation challenges
Patients no longer face the stress and expense of traveling to appointments.
Decreased no-shows
Easy care access leads to higher compliance and fewer missed appointments.
Increases patient satisfaction
Patients can receive care in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Caring for Your Residents through Mobile Wound Care

Partnership with AFRA@Home Wound Care offers unmatched benefits for organizations across the healthcare spectrum, including:

Home Healthcare Agencies and Post-Acute Facilities

AFRA@Home Wound Care’s personalized care model leads to significant cost savings through:

  • Improved patient outcomes: Faster healing times and fewer complications reduce healthcare costs.

  • Decreased infection rates: Our stringent infection control protocols minimize the risk of costly complications.

  • Reduced hospital readmissions: Fewer rehospitalizations lead to significant cost savings for patients and the healthcare system.

By partnering with AFRA@Home Wound Care, your health system will:

  • Extend care to patients
  • Enhance outcomes
  • Prevent unnecessary admissions
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase patient satisfaction

AFRA@Home Wound Care’s delivery of advanced services in the patient’s home can help with cost reduction, reduced complications, and increased patient satisfaction. We tailor our services to meet your organization’s unique needs, striving for improved healing rates and patient outcomes.

Quality Wound Care in the Comfort of the Patient’s Home

By bringing care directly to patients, AFRA@Home Wound Care helps to:

  • Add advanced wound care

    Expand your services without the overhead cost and differentiate yourself from competitors.

  • Improve outcomes

    Achieve faster healing rates and enhanced patient satisfaction.

  • Ensure a safety net

    Provide expert care for urgent or complicated cases, preventing unnecessary hospital admissions.

  • Increase patient satisfaction

    Enhance your reputation by providing a more convenient and comfortable care experience.

  • Avoid patient loss

    Offer a convenient and effective solution that keeps patients from seeking care at higher-cost facilities.

  • Reduce costs

    Lower overall healthcare expenditures through efficient at-home care.

  • Extend care to patients

    Improve access to critical wound care services and expand your reach.

  • Prevent unnecessary admissions

    Reduce rehospitalizations and associated costs.

Partner Benefits

Partner with AFRA@Home Wound Care for Unmatched Wound Care Solutions

Improving compliance

Convenient at-home care ensures patients adhere to treatment plans.

Faster healing rates

Our advanced care protocols lead to quicker recovery times.

Improved quality of life

Patients experience less pain and discomfort, allowing them to regain independence.

Contact us today to learn how AFRA@Home Wound Care can help your organization improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and achieve higher patient satisfaction.

Reduce costs with our experts providing quality mobile wound care